Authentic Travel in Colombia and Ecuador

Experience the magic of Colombia and Ecuador with a trip that is tailored to your unique interests and travel style.

There’s so much to see and do in Colombia and Ecuador that it can be stressful to plan a vacation that fits your travel style and interests. Don’t let the stress of planning ruin your trip. Your time is valuable. Let me handle all the details and organization. Have a beautifully hand crafted custom travel itinerary with you on your trip – guiding your every step.

Hi there. My name is Nate and I love to travel. I’ve been a world traveler for 5 years, with a special focus on Colombia and Ecuador for the past 2. After extensively traveling and living in Colombia and Ecuador, I decided to turn my passion into a business and create custom itineraries for people who want to experience the best of these amazing countries. Have me create a personal travel itinerary for you today.

My Travel Itinerary Specialties

Southern Andes, Ecuador 

Carribean Coast, Colombia

Coffee Region, Colombia 

How my Process works


This is the essential first step in creating your personalized itinerary. We’ll do a quick interview to better understand your travel style and interests.


I’ll create an itinerary that’s designed specifically for you. All you have to do is provide feedback and suggestions. I will handle the rest.

Book & Enjoy

With your comprehensive and personalized itinerary in hand, you’ll be ready to book your own accommodations and activities, then be on your way! 

What you get

Your custom itinerary will include:

» Pre-trip important information

» A detailed day-by-day itinerary

» Multiple accommodation options

» Directions and tips for navigating transportation

» All the links you need to book and get information

» Important details about each activity

» Personalized recommendations and insights

» 2 iterations to ensure your dream trip

» A list of extra recommendations you can swap in

» Everything plotted on a Google map 

Everything you need will be delivered in an easy-to-scan Google doc so we can collaborate on it. Unlike other personal travel planners, I won’t make you download any special software or apps. All you’ll have to do is book your trip!



Far too often, the importance of applying these virtues lacks in our world. When you work with me, these virtues underpin every aspect of our journey.

I’m a traveler too

Travel planning isn’t just my job ; it’s my life. Unlike travel agents, I have a wealth of firsthand experience and intricate knowledge of Colombia and Ecuador.


My bespoke and meticulous approach goes beyond the typical travel planning, delving deep into your unique desires and travel style, providing you with a truly customized experience.


 I offer my services at a fraction of the cost of traditional travel agencies. There are no kickbacks or commissions, just a desire to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.


All of these options are for groups up to 4 people. For larger parties or larger trips, contact me

Quick Escape


1 week itinerary

Full Immersion


3 week itinerary



2 week itinerary

Hi, I’m Nate

I’m an American Expat currently based in Cuenca, Ecuador

I have been traveling and living extensively in Colombia and Ecuador, for the better part of 2 years. Through expert insights and firsthand experience, I create custom, personalized itineraries for travelers wanting to have an authentic experience in Colombia and Ecuador.

I’m a huge nature nerd and love finding new places to hike and listen to the silence. I enjoy learning/speaking new languages, playing tennis, and discovering exotic fruits. 

I love arriving in a new country not knowing anything, anyone, or the language. It’s more of an adventure that way 🙂


While similar, there are a few key differences between a travel planner and travel agent. A travel agent books everything for you, including flights, accommodations, activities, car rentals, etc.

As a travel planner, I save you time and money by finding the best deals that meet your travel preferences and giving you the direct link to book yourself. I don’t handle any of the bookings so you know exactly how your money is being spent.

Another difference is that sometimes travel agents get exclusive discounts they can pass onto you. However, this is sometimes paired with commission. That means they get money from companies at no cost to you for recommending them. While I may be able to secure a discount based on my past brand partnerships, I don’t get a commission or accept kickbacks for anything I recommend in your custom travel itinerary.

Lastly, not all travel agents provide an hour-by-hour itinerary with personalized pro tips like a travel planner does.

No, you handle all bookings and reservations yourself. I make it easy for you by providing you links to book.

I don’t book any flights, car rentals, accommodations, activities, or reservations. I also don’t provide on-demand help during your trip if something changes after I deliver your itinerary (for example, if a place closes unexpectedly).

However, I’m available over email during your trip if anything goes awry and will respond within 24 hours. I also provide extra options of things to do so you can swap them at your discretion during the trip. This helps account for unexpected closures, inclement weather, or how you feel that day.

After you contact me and we chat to determine your travel plans are a good fit, I’ll send you an invoice and travel agreement. You’ll pay me the full amount due by PayPal

No, all payment is final. However, if I need to stop planning your trip for personal reasons, I will refund you a prorated amount at no cost to you.

I’ve never run into an instance where someone wanted a refund, so I’m confident this won’t be an issue for you! If you’re truly unhappy, let’s discuss planning a future trip at no cost to you.

I encourage you to plan as far ahead as possible, especially during the mid/late summer-fall, and from Dec.-Jan.

3-4 months in advance helps ensure you have access to all the options.

However, if you need a fast turnaround time, let’s chat! This may incur an additional fee depending on the complexity of your trip and the time constraints.

I strive to customize a trip exactly to your liking, but sometimes miscommunication and indecisiveness can lead to endless rounds of revisions. That’s why I provide 2 rounds of revisions on your itinerary complimentary to make sure I get it right. After that it will incur an additional fee. How much depends on the scope of the changes needed.

Yes! I ask about this in your interview. 

Yes! While I have lists upon lists of cool accommodations and activities to refer back to, I start each trip from scratch depending on your  preferences and desires. I also show the itinerary in draft mode so you can see it being built at any time.

Yes, it’s expected! I wait for your feedback on accommodations and activities before I move to the next round of finalizing your custom travel itinerary. This ensures it’s exactly to your liking and you have a say in what you do on your trip!

I generally can plan for 2-4 people, per itinerary. If you have more than 4 people, let’s chat, I may be able to arrange that. An extra fee will be applied. 

Ready to plan your Custom trip to South America?